Joining the Blogosphere

This is my first blog. Installing WordPress was no problem. I’ve done it dozens of times but never for myself. Let’s begin because there’s a lot to tell. Just for the “How” I need help and ask our friend Google.

Indeed, about a half million results for the search of “start blogging” show up. One has 10 golden rules, the next 14 and the one after that has even 30! I became curious and was looking for advice which could help me to make the start easier. My hopes were deceived.

“Look for a niche… “ was often repeated no matter where I was looking. “Write about something nobody writes about […] and your blog will be successful!”

Okay, I think these are no tips for a blog, these are tips for success. I turn away. I think about putting the subject on hold. Probably forever. Because it strikes a nerve. The pursuit of success has reached levels which are way too high, in my opinion. Success at work, at the job, in a relationship, in raising kids. Only when we are successful we reach perfection in our lives. Just when we reach perfection are we successful. The moments which don’t matter but make us happy fall by the wayside.

I close Google. Don’t want to know anything more about rules or success. Instead I just start to write. And while I do this I realize that this is one of those moments which doesn’t matter. Yet matter a lot!

(c) Translation: Evil

This post is also available in German.

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